2nd Africa Knowledge Management for Agri Development Conference Opens in Accra

From September 14 to 16, 2022, Accra (Ghana) will host the second continent Knowledge Management for! Agricultural Development (KM4AgD) conference.

The KM4AgD conference is held this year in the midst of the Science and Partnerships for Agriculture Conference (SPAC), along with three other conferences. 

The first iteration of the KM4AgD conference was held from December 6 to 10, 2021 in Accra (Ghana) and culminated in the signing of the Accra Declaration on Knowledge Management (KM) for Agricultural Development

The 2022 conference will conclude the 2022 edition of KM4AgD Challenge.

It will also enable stakeholders and participants to continue efforts on the implementation of the recommendations of the Accra Declaration on KM for Agricultural Development, at the end to meet the Continental Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) agenda for KM in Africa.

The KM4AgD Challenge participants will have an opportunity to present their country/organization’s KM concepts and briefs for validation, receive certificates as “Certified Knowledge Agent for Sustainable Development”, be inducted as Fellows of the Africa KM4AgD Community of Practice for Artificial Intelligence and Centre of Excellence for KM, and network with the wider KM global Community.

The KM4AgD Challenge is a lighthouse project for knowledge-based development in Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) in Africa, that takes place annually in a growing number of countries.

Overall, the conference is expected to usher in a new cadre of professionals equipped with skills and networks to advance the KM4AgD agenda in Africa.

The specific expected outcomes are as follows:

  1. KM Concepts and briefs developed by KM4AgD 2022 participants presented and validated;
  2. Participants at the KM4AgD Challenge recognized and awarded with relevant certificates; 
  3. The second batch of KM4AgD Community of Practice for Artificial Intelligence in Africa inducted; 
  4. The Concept for the establishment of KM4AgD Center of Excellence discussed and adopted;
  5. The draft KM partnership framework for Africa AR4D discussed and validated for further engagement among relevant actors to seek political support for advancing KM in Africa AR4D.

The KM4AgD Challenge initiative is supported by the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme Ex-Pillar 4 (CAADP-XP4), which is funded by the European Union Commission. CAADP-XP4 funding is administrated by the International Fund for for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

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