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CORAF & @WAVE_RCe are committed to closing the gender gap in agricultural research by improving the scientific and leadership skills of African women.
6 women will be trained in leadership during the #BIORISKS training (Dakar, 30 November - 03 December 2022).

Leadership skills are essential to the success of a research project.

The leadership training, which will take place in Dakar from 30 November to 3 December, will provide 13 young students with the tools to become effective leaders.

#BIORISKStraining @WAVE_RCe #Agriculture

🗣️ The #BIORISKS project’s main objective is to contribute to reducing poverty and improving food and nutritional security in the 10 WAVE network members.

The leadership training of 13 WAVE socio-economics PhD students in Dakar, is part of the implementation of this project.

Registrations are open for the International Conference on Innovations to Transform Drylands!

Register before 05 Dec 2022 to avail early bird discount and join this international forum for transforming agri-food systems in the drylands.

See - https://t.co/ZhQoHx7011

Le CORAF intègre les concepts de l'#Agriculture Intelligente face au Climat dans la mise en œuvre du projet TARSPro👇🏾

Lire ici : https://t.co/NjVm2DhTWG

#Innovation #Developpement
@agridigitale1 @leFIDA @isra_ceraas @isra_ceraas @BiovIntCIAT_eng @BiovIntCIAT_esp @CIAT_Africa

#ABEE est un projet qui vise à renforcer les réseaux et les capacités institutionnelles en amélioration des plantes pour le développement de cultures résilientes répondant aux besoins des agriculteurs en Afrique de l'Ouest.👇🏾

#Agriculture #Innovation #Developpement

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13 WAVE socio-economic students will be trained on leadership from December 1 to 3 in Dakar🇸🇳. This training is offered as part of the #EU funded #BIORISKS project, implemented by @WAVE_RCe in collaboration with @CORAFNews.

#BIORISKStraining #Agriculture

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