CORAF’s STC Reviews 2021 Achievements, Guides 2022 Work Plan

The 17th Ordinary Session of the CORAF’s Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) is taking place in Dakar with the overarching objective of reviewing the implementation of the 2021 Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB), and providing technical and scientific recommendations to strengthen CORAF’s capacities in 2022. The meeting runs for three days (December 1-3, 2021). It is the 17th statutory meeting of the STC.

CORAF is currently implementing several projects. These include:

  • The West Africa Breeding networks and Extension Empowerment (ABEE);
  • Anticipate and manage biological risks to strengthen farmers’ resilience to climate change in West and Central Africa (Biorisks);
  • The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme ex-Pillar 4 (CAADP-XP4);
  • The Innovation, Research, Extension, and Advisory Coordination Hub (iReach);
  • The Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education, and Development in West Africa (PAIRED);
  • The Climate Resilient Agriculture and Productivity Enhancement Project (ProPAD);
  • The Scaling Up Agricultural Technologies and Innovations to Increase the Resilience of Production Systems and Family Farms in West and Central Africa (TARSPro);
  • The Study of effects of government responses to COVID-19 on food systems and livelihoods in the Sahel

STC members listened to progress made in the implementation of these programs as well as the 2022 work plan. They took turns to provide guidance to ensure the program implementation enhances the achievement of the CORAF strategic priorities.

The STC is one of the major governance instruments of CORAF. Most of the current STC members would be coming to the end of their mandate during the ongoing session. The expectations are to renew the current members’ mandate and put in place a new leadership team.

With COVID-19 high on everyone’s agenda, the current STC meeting is also expected to discuss what CORAF has done to mitigate its effects. It will also discuss CORAF’s recent efforts to expand its activities into Central Africa, listen to plans leading to the physical part of the 13th General Assembly.

What are the Expected Outcomes?

The expected outcomes of the 17th ordinary session of the CST are as follows:

  • Challenges and opportunities for CORAF in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic reviewed and orientations and guidance provided;
  • Progress with refresh Strategic Plan 2018-2027 and Operational Plan 2023-2027 discussed;
  • AWPB 2022 reviewed and recommendations made for effective implementation;
  • CORAF’s efforts to improve visibility and activities in CA discussed;
  • Projection and preparation of the 13th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of CORAF discussed;
  • By-laws reviewed and renewal of membership and chairmanship of the STC discussed.

CORAF’s STC is made up of twelve members, including six men and six women. The 17th meeting of the STC is chaired by Professor Isaac Roger Tchoumo from Cameroon and facilitated by the Director of Research and Innovation of CORAF, Dr. Emmanuel Njukwe.