Capacities strengthening in advocacy techniques and management of National Seed Trade organization


Capacities strengthening in advocacy techniques and management of National Seed Trade organization
Royal hotel Saly
2015, May 26-28

This morning at Saly, Royal hotel, opening of the workshop for the capacities strengthening in advocacy techniques and management of the National seed trade associations

afta1The West Africa Office of the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) in collaboration with CORAF/WECARD in the framework of the “Programme Ouest Africaine des Semences / West African Seed Program PSAO/WASP” has started this morning at Saly Portudal, a training workshop on “techniques of Advocacy and Management of the National Seed trade associations”. This three-day workshop is organized for the benefit of thirty members of the national interprofessional seed union of Senegal (UNIS) from all regions of Senegal.

The opening ceremony was marked by three interventions. After welcoming the participants, Mr Moustapha DJIGO, President of UNIS, made a reminder of the interest and the relevance of this training in terms of opportunities and challenges that arise on the horizon when it is known that the Senegal seed sector will soon integrate OCDE. Therefore, it is important for the private seed actor to mobilize around the enhanced interprofessional.

Mr Amadou SARR, president of AFSTA, West Africa, on behalf of the Governing board also wished a welcome to the participants. He recalled the importance of the seed quality in food security achieved. Also, he clarified that the independence of a country is measured by its food self-sufficiency. This last itself depending of the quantity and the quality of the seeds available to agricultural producers. He has insisted on the relevance of this training theme that will give to the participants some tools necessary for the good management of the seed interprofessionnal union, and especially to advocate for a better positioning of the private seed actors in the process of making-decision and developing national policy and strategies of the seed sector.

Mr Yacouba Diallo representative Dr Ernest Asiedu, WASP Chief of Project, thanked the participants on behalf of Dr Paco SEREME Executive Director of CORAF/WECARD. He reiterated the importance of seeds in agriculture whose contribution represented 40 to 45% of the productivity.  Then, he reminded the key role of the private sector in the development of the national seed industry. Insisting on the fact that individually, the seed companies will not fully play their leadership role in the seed sector, he urged them to organize themselves to better meet the challenges that faced the national seed sector. Before declaring open the training workshop, Mr Diallo invited the participants to be diligent and especially ton interact and share their mutual experiences.

Some highlights of the opening ceremony