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Le monde agricole est très vaste et offre des possibilités qui ne sont très connues du grand public. Dr. @YacoubaDIALLO1 du @CORAFNews nous expose les grands métiers de l'agriculture
sur notre web TV @AgripreneurTV. https://t.co/xi5ZzlyEEa

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Adopting a Smart #Food approach can tackle some of the biggest challenges simultaneously, including malnutrition and other diet-related health issues, rural poverty, and adaptation to and mitigation of #climatechange. https://t.co/uvOQJXIIK4

At Cape Verde’s National Research Institute for Agricultural Development (INIDA), @CORAFNews' actors reflected on the theme:
“Research, innovation, and technology transfer for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in West and Central Africa.”


Rice alone accounts for about 5% of the country's GDP, about 220 billion CFA. It ranks well behind livestock and its share in national added value increases with the increase in trade flows to urban areas. It is considered as a strategic product in Mali. https://t.co/0vkJAVSj1c

Science, innovations, and technologies, experts argue, are the best bet to returning the country’s agriculture industry on a sustainable path.

👉🏾 https://t.co/LE6vNWUxmj
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“Fish farming saved my life and that of my family".
Quality research opens brighter future for West African fish farmers.
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Le @CORAFNews recrute un cabinet pour la formation des acteurs de la recherche et du développement agricoles du Tchad à la mise en place et à la facilitation des plateformes d’innovation.
Cliquez pour postuler! https://t.co/TsqmuHOGU3
Deadline: 04/02/20

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