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Leadership & trust working hand-in-hand at this team building session at the Women in #Agriculture and #Climate Research workshop today.

We love to see collaboration in action! 🙌

#ClimateSmartAfrica #GenderInAg w/ @CORAFNews @CGIAR @WBG_Agriculture

🔗 https://t.co/B4xIqkEP0x https://t.co/OhvbrcoGs6

Discover the story of Ebenezer, an #agripreneur with over 150 employees. What's his secret?
He adopted a new variety of sweet #potato 🍠developed by @csir_ghana. Within just 3 years his business was valued at 26 million💲.

🔗 https://t.co/D6a2jjSz2T #CatalyzingInnovations

L'eau, c'est l'agriculture 🌾
L'eau, c'est la sécurité alimentaire
L'eau, c'est la vie 😮‍💨
L'eau est précieuse 💎
L'eau est indispensable 🌍
L'eau, c'est la nutrition 🥗

Agissons pour garantir un accès équitable à l'💧 pour tous.

Bonne #JourneeMondialeDelEau !

Water is Agriculture 🌾
Water is Food Security 🍲
Water is Life 😮‍💨
Water is Peace 🕊️
Water is Precious 💎
Water is Essential ❇️
Water is Nutrition 🥗
Water is Everything 🌍

Let’s take #WaterAction to ensure equitable access to #water for all.

Happy #WorldWaterDay 💧

L’ @ISRA_Senegal , très honoré par la visite du @CORAFNews et @foodtank. https://t.co/lXyQdxh9Ge


Découvrez l’histoire de Ebenezer, un #agripreneur qui emploie plus de 150 personnes. Son secret !?
Il adopte une nouvelle variété de papate douce développée par le @csir_ghana. En seulement 3 ans son entreprise était estimée à 26 millions💲.

🔗 https://t.co/N2XTXX5V0h

🌳 Happy #InternationalDayofForests 🌳
The world loses 10 million ha of #forests every year due to deforestation. Sustainably managing forests & using their resources to fight poverty & climate change is critical to the well-being & prosperity of current and future generations.

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