Leading Agricultural Innovation in West and Central Africa

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Africa’s largest sub-regional research organization, the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF) is undergoing considerable change.

CORAF has sharpened its focus to better tackle pressing climate change, growing food and nutrition challenges, gender disparities, massive migration of youths out of the continent, and employment difficulties faced by African states.

African governments and particularly those in West and Central Africa rely on agriculture to solve these challenges. Research, they maintain is critical to the inventions required to produce the food needed to feed the growing population and boost the desired economic growth. New and climate-smart crop varieties, innovative approaches, science and technology, experts argue are crucial to transforming agriculture in Africa.


This is the primary mandate assigned to CORAF by state bodies from West and Central and is reflected in the new direction agreed upon by stakeholders of CORAF.

Our Strategic Framework

2018 – 2027