Achieve sustainable improvements in productivity, competitiveness and markets of products from livestock, fisheries and aquaculture in West and Central Africa.


(i) strengthening the resilience of livelihoods of pastoral and agro-pastoral populations: to do this, methods and tools for improving the information system on pastoralism, sustainable management of transhumance and natural resources must be developed; (ii) improvement and sustainable use of animal genetic resources; efficient use and avoidance of genetic erosion; development of new composite breeds (Livestock), biology and breeding of new local species [Aquaculture], (iii) improving health, improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of vaccines against the following most common diseases: PPCB, brucellosis, Newcastle disease, the disease carried and transmitted by ticks and improving resistance to trypanosomiasis; (iv) improved feed: development of new forage species based on native legumes and herbaceous species and dissemination of materials to producers [Livestock]; improved complementary feeding strategy [Aquaculture] (v) value adding and development of the value chain of livestock and aquaculture products.