New Agriculture Challenges Can be Met with ‘Groundbreaking Technologies’ — Dr. Tenkouano

It is no longer a secret that the agricultural sector is facing many challenges. 

However, experts recommend that actors and stakeholders rely on the fruits of research to address these challenges.

“Today, the agricultural sector is facing a number of new challenges, ranging from the emergence of new crop diseases to the consequences of climate change. Nevertheless, these challenges can be met with groundbreaking or improved technologies stemming from scientific research,” said Dr. Abdou Tenkouano, CORAF Executive Director. 

Dr. Tenkouano was speaking at the opening ceremony of the symposium on the state of agricultural research for development in West and Central Africa.

CORAF Executive Director, Dr. Abdou Tenkouano, at the opening ceremony of the Symposium on the state of agricultural research for Development in West and Central Africa.

© CORAF – July 2022

With the theme “Agricultural Technologies & Innovations: Climate-Smart Solutions for the Transformation of Emergence and Post-Emergence Situations”, the symposium aims at taking stock of agricultural research and its achievements in the sub-region, that can be capitalized to stimulate a sustainable agricultural and socio-economic development. 

Indeed, there are hundreds of technologies and innovations that have been developed by researchers in West and Central Africa, to meet the agriculture challenges.

For example, the MITA platform, powered by CORAF, indexes more than two hundred and forty proven technologies.

The symposium is organized as part of the Agricultural Technologies and Innovations Scaling Project for Increasing the Resilience of Production Systems and Family Farms in West and Central Africa (TARSPro) project.

More than 100 people are participating. The end of the symposium, scheduled for Thursday 21 July 2022, will be marked by a session to set up the regional steering committee of the TARSPro project.

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