CORAF Points Out Champions to Echo IPs at Grassroots Level in North Benin

CORAF has pointed out twenty-one (21) champions who are now entrusted with the essential mission of setting up innovation platforms (IPs) and making them levers for the adoption of technologies and innovations in northern Benin, and even beyond.

These actors are in the milk, corn, mango, onion, potato, soybean and meat sectors.

These are the seven (07) sectors that have been identified as priorities for the establishment of IPs in Benin, by the the Agricultural Technologies and Innovations Scaling Project for Increasing the Resilience of Production Systems and Family Farms in West and Central Africa (TARSPro).

The champions’ designation was done through a participatory process of identification by peers, following the training of the actors of the TARSPro project, in the establishment and facilitation of IPs, held from 09 to 14 May in Parakou (Benin).

“We have decided to point out three champions per sector, who thus become the pioneers of innovation platforms in their respective sectors. They have the responsibility to set up functional innovation platforms in their areas of intervention,” explains Ms. Marie Nicole Taha Nkoum, TARSPro Project Manager at CORAF.

Aware of the stakes, the champions are committed to leveraging the knowledge acquired during the training, and to taking ownership of the IP tool, at the end to facilitate the adoption of technologies and innovations in the four (04) departments in the north of Benin: Alibori, Atacora, Borgou, and Donga.

“I recognize that it is a heavy duty and I am ready to bring my contribution to boost the onion sector,” says onion sector champion Mr. Joel Daye Loffa, Head of the Vegetable Crops Program, based in Malanville, who is already developing plans and a roadmap to the effective implementation of IP in his locality, the Alibori department.

“This training will help me set up an innovation platform dedicated to the mango sector, which will facilitate the adoption of technologies that will help increase productivity, reduce post-harvest losses,and increase profitability for the players of the sector, at all levels,” says Ms. Angèle Tawari, Manager of Angel’s Floor, a Natitingou-based agri-food processing company.

The training that led to the designation of the champions will be replicated in other TARSPro implementing countries, namely Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Chad.

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