CORAF’s Board Chair Calls for Increase Investment in R&D

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of CORAF, Dr. Angela Moreno, has called on increased investments in research and development to allow researchers to devise solutions to the urgent agricultural challenges facing West and Central Africa. Dr. Moreno was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 13th General Assembly of CORAF in the Chadian capital of N’djamena.

Few regions in the world have experienced the transformation of their agriculture economy without a commensurate investment in research and development,”

argued Dr. Moreno.

“Present-day Israel used to face immense challenges considering its geographical location. But by dint of technologies and innovations, Israel can grow enough food today at any time of the year to feed its population and even export some. India, China, and other emerging economies such as Brazil have leveraged science in similar ways to transform their agriculture sector. We can do it in the Sahel, Central, and West Africa.”

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