Independent Assessment Rates WAAPP-1C as Satisfactory

“The evidence provided in the implementation completion report (ICR) point to the success of the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP-1C) in accelerating the process for generating, dissemination, and adoption of new technologies and innovation in agriculture,” according to a review of the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank.

The ICR is a requirement of World Bank-funded programs. Once submitted, it is reviewed by IEG, providing ratings on the project’s relevance, efficacy, efficiency, and sustainability.

According to this ICR published recently, “the project (WAAPP-1C) also strengthened the capacity of actors involved in the agricultural innovation system and fostered regional cooperation and facilitated South-South cooperation to enable technology transfer and adoption.”

The IEG review rated the relevance of the project’s objectives, efficacy, and efficiency as substantial. Based on this, IEG rated the outcome as satisfactory.

The WAAPP was initiated by the Economic Community of West African States to respond to the renewed commitment of the African States’ to step up the implementation of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program. Participating countries funded the program through a loan arrangement from the World Bank. Other actors, including the governments of Spain, Denmark, Japan, and USAID West Africa, supported the program.

CORAF coordinated the program at the regional level.

For more on the achievements of WAAPP-1C and the ratings of the ICR, click here.

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