Information Worksheet

Capture the farmer data to
generate prediction data,
tables & graphs.


Database Worksheet

Access the prediction generated through real-time calculations.


Dashboard Worksheet

Facilitates human interpretation of the data through visualisation.


Homepage Worksheet

The Homepage Worksheet is the entry page of the tool. It differs from other components of the tool in that it is supposed to represent the tool to the user in a simple and efficient way.

Within this worksheet, you will find all the information you need for a quick grip of the tool.

On your right, you have an area that allows the user to be within the tool.On your left, you have most of the screen occupied by a set of icons making it easy to quickly grip the tool.


Information Worksheet

This worksheet is primarily dedicated to capturing user information. This information will then be generated by estimates, tables, and graphs.

To access it, please simply click on the “Information” tab at the bottom left of the screen. Once on this interface, you will see a set of fields with labels defining the type of information expected in the input.

The first two fields of this interface are related to seed selection and variety selection.


Database Worksheet

This component allows you to access the data generated by the prediction tool. Based on the user’s inputs, especially in the “Information” component.

By performing real-time calculations with the information provided by the user, the tool is able to generate the various predictions useful to the farmer for better planning of his activity.

Based on a representation of the objectives to
be achieved during a five-year period defined in advance by the user, the prediction tool creates two tables containing a number of indicators.


Dashboard Worksheet

The dashboard is used to visualize raw data from tables 1 and 2 of the Database component, making them more accessible and understandable.

The “Dashboard” gives meaning to the data and at the same time facilitates human interpretation. To do this, it uses different visual representations and different types of data prioritization.

This component is a steering tool available to the farmer, manager or team to make decisions and act towards a goal that contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives.


User Guide Worksheet

This manual is a user guide that helps you understand how the Seed Forecasting Tool works. The user here is the person or entity that uses that tool in the course of its activities. This publication provides the necessary instructions so that the user can use the Seed Forecasting Tool correctly while understanding the different parts that makeup it.

Notwithstanding the complexity of the tool and the fact that it can only be operated from an electronic device with Microsoft Excel, this
manual uses simple, clear, and non-technical language so that as many people as possible
can use it without requiring advanced computer skills.

For any question or would like further information , please contact us


Detailed instructions for the use of Seed Demand Forcasting Too


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