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The Central African Agricultural Research Institute (ICRA) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is CAR’s principal agricultural research agency. It focuses on crop and forestry research.


Four agencies conduct agricultural R&D in CAR. Two government agencies, the Central African Agricultural Research Institute (ICRA) and National Livestock Development Agency (ANDE), fall under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and focus on crops and livestock, respectively.


ICRA is headquartered in Bangui and comprises forestry, savanna, agropastoral, biotechnology, and research support departments targeting a variety of research themes. ANDE conducts livestock and veterinary research, mostly relating to cows. Under the University of Bangui, The Laboratory of Biological and Agricultural Sciences for Development (LASBAD) and ISDR are mandated to devote a considerable amount of time to research. Both agencies, however, lack the necessary infrastructure to conduct field research. ISDR primarily focuses on research related to forestry, cassava, and livestock, whereas LASBAD predominantly concentrates on poultry and a variety of crops.

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