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The Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD) is Cameroon’s principal agricultural research agency. Under the joint technical supervision of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Finance, IRAD carries out research on crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries, and natural resources.


The Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD) is a public institution with financial autonomy. It has decentralized and regional units for agricultural research. The activities concern a wide range of crops: cereals, root and tuber crops, legumes and fruit trees. These activities are partially included in or are complementary with the activities carried out in the Biotechnology laboratory of Ekona, especially for the root and tuber crops.


Other public institutes include the Biotechnology Centre of Nkolbisson, the Crop Production Department in the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the Université de Dschang and the African Research Center on the Banana tree and the Plantain in Njombé. There is also the Biotechnology Laboratory of the Regional Centre of Agricultural Research for Development of Ekona.


Private Institutes involved in the agricultural research include Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). It is an Agro-Industrial Complex that grows, processes and markets tropical export crops. Then there is MAÏSCAM, the Northwest Development Mission, SODECOTON, and SOCAPALM.

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