Recruitment of two firms / Design offices for the training of the TARSPro project actors in the establishment and facilitation of innovation platforms



Recruitment of two firms / Design offices for the training of the TARSPro project actors in the establishment and facilitation of innovation platforms


Opening date : 12/07/2021

Closing date : 02/08/2021


CEI N° 23-2021


The Executive Secretariat of CORAF (West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development) is based in Dakar, Senegal. It received financial support from the Swiss Cooperation in support of its 2018-2027 strategic plan for the implementation of the project called Agricultural Technologies and Innovations Scaling Up Project for Increasing the Resilience of Production Systems and Family Farms in West and Central Africa (TARSPro).

The 4-year project aims to ensure food, nutritional and economic security for the populations of West and Central Africa. Specifically, the projects aims at:

  1. Increasing the resilience of the food production system of at least 2 million producers / processors, including 50% women and 60% young people in the 5 target countries and more than 10 million indirect beneficiaries.
  2. Sustainably meeting the demand for know-how (technologies and innovations) of at least 40% of family farms affected by the project intervention.
  3. Ensuring a coalition and synergy of actions of actors in the transformation of agriculture.

The Innovation Platform (IP) mechanism stems from the IAR4D approach and brings together the different actors (producers, processors, traders, transporters, researchers, extension agents, bankers, insurers, etc.) of a value chain around a problem to be solved. The platform enables the establishment of multi-actor partnerships facilitating the resolution of the various constraints being faced by the value chain in its expansion needs. The IPs have proven to be real places of learning and mutual aid and the incubation of Technologies and Innovations (T&I). Thus, the actors are informed of the existence of the research products. At the same time, researchers are informed of the needs of potential users. In addition, each actor is informed of the difficulties or constraints encountered by the different segments of the value chain and together they reflect on ways and means to overcome these constraints.

CORAF’s Executive Secretariat intends to use part of the resources made available to recruit two firms / design offices specializing in training on the integrated research approach for development using the multi-actor process for agricultural value chain development. The first selected firm / design office will operate in three (03) countries (Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger) and the second in the two other countries namely (Benin and Chad).

The Executive Director of CORAF invites firms or groups of consultants meeting the qualification criteria as indicated in the terms of reference, to express their interests in this call.

Firms / groups of consultants interested in this call must submit an expression of interest indicating that they are qualified to perform such services (Understanding of the terms of reference, Methodology, references for the execution of similar contracts over the past 10 years, CVs of proposed key experts, etc.).

Firms / design offices will be selected according to the selection method based on the qualification of the consultant in accordance with the rules set out in the CORAF Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedures Manual according to the selection criteria contained in the attached terms of reference.

Interested firms / design offices can obtain additional information from the CORAF Executive Secretariat by sending correspondence to Mrs Marie Nicole NKOUM,

Expressions of interest should be addressed to the Executive Director of CORAF and submitted by e-mail to, on August 02, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. GMT at the latest.


CORAF Executive Director