CEI No 23-2018 – RELAUNCHING : Selection of Short-term experts specialized in various fields of agricultural research and development



Selection of Short-term experts specialized in various fields of
agricultural research and development
Opening date: January 82019
Closing dateJanuary 31, 2019 



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CORAF, the West and central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development  (www.coraf.org), intends to setting up an online Directory of competencies, well identified and verified, that can be mobilized in a short time, to deliver services commissioned by CORAF in the following areas of agricultural research and development :  

  • Agriculture, food security and nutrition 
  • Policies, institutions, markets and trade 
  • Gender, youth and social equity 
  • Agricultural Innovation System 
  • Environmental and social safeguard 
  • Dissemination of technologies and innovations 
  • Capacity strengthening 
  • Knowledge Management and Foresight 
  • Financial Management, Audit and Procurement 
  • Communication and marketing 
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact evaluation 
  • Partnership and contracts 
  • Advocacy and resource mobilization 

Individual experts and institutions will be hired to provide services to supporting the Executive Secretariat of CORAF in (i) technical implementation, (ii) fiduciary management, (iii) monitoring and evaluation, as well as (iv) communication and resource mobilization. 

Individual experts and institutions wishing to be part of the CORAF Online Directory of competency are invited to submit their application to one of the following addresses: 

Individual expert: http://coraf.org/rdc/index.php?p=sheet1&lang=en  

Institution: http://coraf.org/rdc/index.php?p=sheet2&lang=en  

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The online application consists of: 

For individual experts 

  • an expert sheet to fill out, 
  • the updated curriculum vitae, 
  • the copies of degree certificates (MSc, PhD), 
  • the copies of the work certificates and, 
  • the reference persons. 

For institutions 

  • the registration number or identification number, 
  • an institution sheet to complete, 
  • a summary overview of the institution, 
  • the updated curriculum vitae of the leading expert and, 
  • the technical references. 

Consulting firms are not eligible for this call for application. 

For the assessment of the qualifications and competencies of applicants in view of the selection of individual experts and institutions, the following main criteria will be considered: 

  1. degrees for the individual experts and those of the lead expert in the case of institutions;
  2. number of years of professional experience;
  3. relevant experience in the area, sub-theme and discipline;
  4. knowledge of the environment of agricultural research and development in West and Central Africa and;
  5. fluency in the official languages (French and English) of CORAF.

Applicants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Guidelines: “Selection and Use of Consultants in IBRD Loans, AID Credits and Subsidies by World Bank Borrowers”, dated January 2011, as revised July 2014. 

Applicants can obtain additional information from the CORAF Executive Secretariat at secoraf@coraf.org. 

Selected applicants will receive a notification of acceptance of their application to be included in CORAF’s Online Directory of competency. They may subsequently, as need, receive specific notifications for services commissioned by the Executive Secretariat of CORAF. Before the beginning of the implementation of a given mission, the successful candidate will be invited to sign a declaration of non-conflict of interest. 

Non-inclusion in the Directory is not necessarily exclusive from the opportunities of service delivery offered by CORAF. Any false statement or proved indiscretion constitutes a reason of exclusion from the repertoire and banishment for any benefit provided CORAF. 

Online applications must be submitted no later than January 31, 2019 at 23:59 GMT. 

Feminine applications are deeply encouraged. 



CORAF Executive Director