Senegal : Processing Saved Disabled Aissatou Diallo

Aïssatou Diallo is a disabled person. She has about 30 years of experience in fruit processing. She is also chairperson of Shivet Fruit, an interest group made up of about ten women in Mbour, located about 50 kilometers from Senegal’s capital, Dakar.

In Most parts of West Africa, disabled people are left on the streets begging and expecting to assisted by passers-by. But not for this 50- year brave women.

« I could not stay idle at home. That’s how I started making local juice in an artisanal way back in 1988 », says Aissatou.

As part of the implementation of the WAAPP in Senegal, Aissatou was selected with other women and trained in food processing and conservation.

« We gained valuable knowledge, » says Aissatou who received a diploma from her training in Canada.

On her return home, Shivet Fruit received equipment worth about one million FCFA from the National Fund for Agricultural and agri-food research (FNRAA). As a result of the training, Shivet Fruit now has the technical capacity required to process almost all local products, while maintaining their taste and nutritional qualities.

Shivet Fruit processes local cereals into syrups. In Mbour, products from this local group have made their way to hotels and restaurants. The quality of their products has gained the respect and trust of those in the local market. It is now possible to see « Tropic » a Shivet Fruit’s favorite brand in the local stores.

« We carefully comply with manufacturing standards, » said Mrs. Samb, the group’s spokesperson.

« The products of Aissatou Diallo do not show any lack of hygiene and quality, and our customers appreciate her syrups, jams and processed cereals. I strongly encourage her to maintain this momentum » a hotelkeeper in the seaside city of Saly said.

Today, « Tropic » is sold beyond the Mbour area. The successes recorded have encouraged the group to start new business plans of increasing supply to the international market.