Summary of the support missions: stakeholders shared the results

After Saly Portudal in November 2014, stakeholders and partners of WAAPP met in Cotonou for the first synthesis meeting of the support missions for the year 2015. It was held on 26-29 May 2015.

This statutory meeting according to the programme implementation principles is an opportunity for national and regional coordination units report on the implementation of the programme.

Indeed, since March 2015, joint teams of CORAF/WECARD and the World Bank as well as other partners involved in the implementation of WAAPP have travelled across all countries to assess the results obtained on the ground.

Based on the findings, it appears that stakeholders and partners have worked hard to improve the performance of WAAPP so as to effectively contribute to agricultural development in West Africa.

During these three days, the 13 countries currently implementing WAAPP, CORAF/WECARD and their partners have shared and exchanged information on various activities conducted during the last six months at the national and regional levels; they reviewed the challenges related to the implementation of the programme before proposing ways to address these challenges.

Participants particularly animated the market of innovations and technologies, an opportunity for them to sell and buy technology according to their needs to contribute to agricultural development in the West African Region.

The open day held in Benin on May 29 allowed WAAPP Benin to promote the main achievements of Benin’s agriculture through exhibition and site visits.

The Head of the CORAF/WECARD’s Delegation, Dr. Aboubakar Njoya, Director of Research and Innovation conducted the work of this meeting with the support of the World Bank team led by Abdoulaye Touré, TTL of WAAPP.

CORAF/WECARD was congratulated by partners and countries for having successfully coordinated the programme activities at the regional level.