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Aggregate annual food import to Africa is estimated at US$35 billion, projected to rise to US$110 billion by 2025.

The total population of WCA stands at 414 million. Expected to double by 2035 creating high demands for basic foods. 60 percent live on less than US$2 per day.

High youth unemployment (60 percent of total population) driving migration to risky destination in search of better opportunities.

Women constitute over 60 percent of the farm workforce in WCA, but they have limited access to land, financial resources, technology, and innovation.

Nearly 40 percent of children under five are affected by stunting in WCA. 12 percent suffer from acute malnutrition and 75 percent are affected by anemia.

Climate change is disrupting farming and weather patterns.

Rapid degradation of the natural resource base.

The private sector is poorly developed and regional trade is inefficient.

Inadequate agricultural mechanization.

Weak competitiveness in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Weaknesses in agricultural policies.

Rapid population growth and urbanization have considerable impacts on national food and nutrition security in WCA.

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