At the Discovery of Ray Power Fm, Farmers Friends Radio in Abuja

This program has ended.

Watch out for the new program (PAIRED) seeking lasting transformation of the seed industry in West Africa.

In Abuja, Ray Power Fm is the star that honors farmers. The radio station that enjoys a large audience is one of the few to include in its weekly programming a program exclusively reserved for agricultural producers in Nigeria. Every Thursday there are several thousand or even millions of producers who receive this radio to have information on subjects that directly affect their lives. Access to improved varieties, certified seeds, fertilizers, as well as all aspects of agricultural production and financing is regularly discussed here.
Every week, Annabel Ogogo, the host, receives one or more guests at noon for an hour of discussion, punctuated with questions. After the opening credits and a brief introduction to the debate between her and her guests.


The style of the show is casual. The entertainer puts his guests at ease, humor in his catch of words without ever derogating from the seriousness of the concept. The subjects are discussed in depth. Access to certified seed, financing issues and others. At any time, she can interrupt her interlocutor to ask questions or ask for clarification.

After a few minutes of frank dialogue, the microphone is open to the public. By texting or by direct calls, the producers of all the countries call. Some to make contributions, others to ask questions about a specific concern.

” Sometimes we get up to 10 calls on an hourly slot ”, proof that the show has real audience said Annabel Ogogo.

‘’We have a good return from the listeners’’ also exclaims Ekum Ojogu, specialist who often comes on the shelf Ray Power Fm.

Guests are asked to respond if they are directly concerned. Sometimes the radio uses an external resource person to answer the problems posed by the producers.

The program is sponsored by SEEDAN, the Association of Seed Enterprises of Nigeria and AFSTA, the African Seed Trade Association.

A model that is successful, but still uncertain, because of the lack of financial resources for this initiative.

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