Progress with ASIWA and the adoption of the ECOWAS-UEMOA-CILSS Regulation

This program has ended.

Watch out for the new program (PAIRED) seeking lasting transformation of the seed industry in West Africa.

A Regional Alliance for the Seed Industry in West Africa was brought to the baptismal font in August 2015 in Abidjan. This platform has enabled a wide range of partners from the seed industry worldwide and institutes affiliated with 10 countries have provided a sustainable, inclusive and effective platform to facilitate consultation and dialogue between the various stakeholders involved in the industry West African seed. The Alliance is led by the private sector.

New regulations on seed production and circulation

This is undoubtedly one of the great advances made by West Africa in seed production and circulation with the strengthening and implementation of the ECOWAS Seed Regulations. WASP / PSAO has been working to strengthen the capacity of more than 1,128 seed quality control organizations and has provided tools to implement seed regulation more appropriately. A working group on seed policy has systematically carried out missions to the 15 countries of the ECOWAS-WAEMU-CILSS to train and train the relevant parts of the seed sector in the registration and release of varieties, rules.

13 Countries have already adopted the ECOWAS-UEMOA-CILSS Seed Regulations

An in-depth review of national seed regulatory frameworks in accordance with the ECOWAS-UEMOA-CILSS Seed Regulations has been completed; The adaptation of procedural manuals and capacity building of regulators in the registration and release of varieties, seed quality control and certification, including accreditation and phytosanitary certification. To date, thirteen countries have published in their official gazette the ECOWAS-UEMOA-CILSS Seed Regulations.
As a result, the implementation of the Seed Regulations has increased from 41% to 84% in West Africa and Mauritania and Chad between 2013 and 2016. The West Africa Seed Committee Established to assist the ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions. CILSS Executive Secretariat in the implementation of the Seeds Regulations.

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