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Watch out for the new program (PAIRED) seeking lasting transformation of the seed industry in West Africa.


Nothing destined her to become a reference in the production of seeds in the village of Touba Madina, Kaffrine region, in central Senegal. In this small village in the heart of the groundnut basin, Sokhna Amy Mbacke is a woman respected by all. Daughter of a local Mouride dignitary, the ” Sokhna ” (the Great Lady in Wolof) decided to go into farming like her parents, instead of just living with the ‘berndés’ ) Offered by the disciples to her marabout father, of which she could nevertheless graciously benefit.

Season after season, she’s became the local icon in the production of certified seeds in the commune of Kahi. A leading figure in the West Africa Seed Program for the past  past three years. For her the seed production is more profitable than conventional agricultural production.

Even if she refuses to talk about money, this mother of two children claims to earn enough to cover all of her needs. Thanks to income from the sale of certified seeds, it finances the schooling of its children and ensures their social and health care. His loved ones also testify to his generosity. It regularly helps village residents, including men and women, through the production of sorghum and maize seeds, which it has been exclusively using since 2009.

Here is his ID:

Occupation: Seed Producer

Age: 45 years old

Place of Birth: Touba Madina

Commune of Kahi

Location: Kaffrine

Country: Senegal

Technical sheet

Agricultural campaign 2016

Speculation Number of hectares harvested Yield in tons

Maize 4 ha  9 tons

Sorghum 4 ha 9 tons

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