Seed Support Initiative: A CORAF mission was recently in Sierra Leone

Whithin the Financial and technical Partnership  to support economic recovery of the Ebola affected countries, Dr Ernest Asiedu, WASP Chief of Party, at CORAF/WECARD was in Freetown, Sierra Leone 7th and 8th, 2015 to Monitor progress of Sierra Leone in the implementation of the Agricultural Rehabilitation Program: Seed Support Initiative.                                               

The mission visited five beneficiary farmer groups, in majority composed of women, showed good crop management practices with an expectant good harvest, beginning in less than one week. For the certified seeds fields visited, two of the fields were lowlands and planted with the lowland variety, NERICA L19 and the other was an Uplandplanted with the upland variety NERICA 4. It is worth to note that two of the farms belonged to women groups, one 12ha and the other, 18ha. The second group, the Sierra Leone Women Farmers Association had lost about 100 members to the Ebola Epidemic. The third field visited, 16 ha of NERICA 4 was managed by a women dominating group (TaninkasuTanfa) of 162 membership. The group had also lost about the same number of members to Ebola. A comment made by an extension officer was that groups led by women perform better; notwithstanding, none of the eight officials on the trip was a woman.

A visit to the Kambia District Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security at the border with Guinea showed an impressive organizational structure with an effective M&E system put in place at district and national levels to manage the initiative.

The Hon. Minister acknowledged that the Seed Support Initiative has become one of the most successful initiatives of the ECOWAS Commission and urged the other ECOWAS Departments to emulate such an example. The seed distribution is also an important component of the new focus; in this vein, the Vice President of the Republic toured the beneficiary fields two weeks earlier, which will be followed by the visit of the President. The Minister will also visit the certified seed production fields.

Visite de terrain Kuwala

Visite de terrain Masenesi