Contribution to the CAADP Process:Regional Seed Policy and Famer Access to Quality Seeds in West Africa

The evolution of the seed industry in Africa was stimulated by changes in research and development approaches. Three major phases of this evolution could be noted: (i) Pre-independence to 1980s, when the provision of seeds was state-managed and crop varieties mainly came from the national research institutions and the CGIAR centres (ii) 1980 to 1990s, when the seed sector was liberalized and privatized; (ii) 1990 to present, with increased role of the private sector in both the formal and informal seed sector, including the involvement of multi-national companies, farmer groups and cooperatives. Support to seed industry development in terms of high level capacity development and infrastructure was donor supported, particularly from the governments of USA, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, etc. (Beye and Worpereis, 2014). …..

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