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International workshop for validation of the diagnosis and operationalization of recommendations of the electronic forum on sustainable development of the seed sector in West and Central Africa


CORAF / WECARD in partnership with FARM (Fondation pour l’Agriculture et la Ruralité dans le monde) held in Abidjan on 11 and 12 July 2016, an international workshop to validate the diagnosis and operationalization of the recommendations of the e-conference for  sustainable development of the seed sector in West and Central Africa….

Communiqué on Commercial and Sustainable Supply of Early Generation Seed of Food Crops in Sub-Saharan Africa


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The road to recovery, experiences of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea after Ebola


March, 2014, the first cases of the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa were noticed! This was noted as the most complex Ebola outbreak since the virus was first discovered in 1976. There were more cases and deaths in this particular outbreak than all previous cases combined (Peter, C.J and Peters,…

Contribution to the CAADP Process:Regional Seed Policy and Famer Access to Quality Seeds in West Africa


The evolution of the seed industry in Africa was stimulated by changes in research and development approaches. Three major phases of this evolution could be noted: (i) Pre-independence to 1980s, when the provision of seeds was state-managed and crop varieties mainly came from the national research institutions and the CGIAR…