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The General Assembly


The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association. It is composed of representatives of its NARS members, regional and international institutions in the sub-region, intergovernmental organizations in the field of agriculture and regional economic communities of West and Central Africa, and development partners. Its mission includes among others:


  • Approval and ratification of various agreements and policies, operational plans, programs, budgets and funding plans, audit reports;
  • Study and approval of the report of the Governing Board which elects the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and other members or renews their mandate;
  • Delegation to the Governing Board of its powers and prerogatives for an effective and efficient implementation of programs that it has approved;
  • Ratification of the appointment of the Executive Director on the recommendation of the Governing Board;
  • Evaluation of the performance of the Governing Board through Ad-Hoc committees.


The CORAF board is composed of key partners and clients including farmers organizations, the private sector, representatives of universities, regional economic communities, development partners, and NARIs. Specialists in finances, human resources, legal issues and tertiary education institutions will also be part of the Board in future. The composition of the STC changes in function to CORAF interventions areas.



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