INSTITUTION : Conseil ouest et centre africain pour la recherche et le développement agricole (CORAF/WECARD)

Domain of research Genetics Animal resource and acquacole
Title Development of local aquaculture and animal genetic resources within ECOWAS

                                    Acronym : PROGEVAL

Date line 2015-2018
Coordinating institution Centre International de Recherche-Développement sur l’Elevage en zone Subhumide (CIRDES) 01 BP 454 Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Email : Website :
Localisation  Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinée-Bissau, Niger and Senegal
  1. Farmers / fish farmers and professional organizations
  2. Policymakers
  3. Students, technicians, researchers and research institutions


Problematique Livestock products, fisheries and aquaculture contribute to food and nutritional security and well in the fight against poverty in West Africa. At the ECOWAS, countries are characterized by a great diversity of animal genetic resources (AnGR) and aquaculture well adapted to their environment. Unfortunately, this important wealth is very poorly exploited and not contributing its fair value the well-being because of the ignorance of the real genetic potential, their mismanagement. Added to this is the lack of technical skills (individual and institutional) in animal genetics.
For the mainland fish, it is characterized by low diversification of farmed species today, as it is mainly based on Oreochromisniloticus Tilapia and African catfish, Clarias gariepinus. Moreover, hatcheries and nursery centers do not have adequate or biological quality hardware infrastructure to produce continuously fry to make available to fish farmers.

In terms of research, phenotypic and / or molecular characterization studies have been done on some animal populations and aquacolessont remained at national level and yet very few studies exist at regional level.


Objectifs du projet
  • The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable management of AnGR and local Aquaculture.
  • The specific objective is to sustainably develop local aquaculture and animal genetic resources within ECOWAS.
Résultats attendus Outcome 1: knowledge on aquaculture and animal genetic resources are improved.

Outcome 2: Strategic options AnGR and aquaculture management are proposed.

Result 3: The capacity of stakeholders for characterization and management of animal genetic resources and aquaculture are strengthened.

Outcome 4: coordination, monitoring and evaluation, and communication of the project take place.

Partenaires This commissioned project is facilitated by the CORAF / WECARD and funded by the ECOWASCommission in the framework of the Convention for the implementation of priority research programs in the ECOWAS space.

institutions for the implementation are the following :

CIRDES (Burkina Faso), INERA (Burkina Faso), IDR/UPB (Burkina Faso), INERA (Burkina Faso), DE (Guinée-Bissau), UAM (Niger), ISRA (Sénégal), CIRAD (France)

Impacts potentiels
  • Recovery and conservation of these resources contribute to the sustainable development of societies that practice husbandry animal species on which the project will work.
  • The project will propose strategies to increase livestock production and therefore increase the income of farmers / fish farmers
  • And the project will indirectly boost domestic and international markets for livestock.
  • Furthermore, discussions and sharing of experience around innovation platforms that will consolidate the establishment of social relations between development actors.



Contact : Dr Hamade KAGONE
Gestionnaire du Programme Elevage, Pêche et Aquaculture
7 Avenue Bourguiba, Dakar, BP 48, Dakar RP, Senegal
Phone: (+221) 33 869 96 18
Fax:(+221) 33 869 96 13