Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development

The previous cooperative agreement between CORAF and USAID focused more on making quality and certified seeds available to those in need.


Under the current collaboration, technology upscaling is central to the work plan. Component two of the PAIRED is focused on technology upscaling. This is based on the simple assumption that sustainably reducing rural poverty and hunger cannot be achieved without the use of agricultural technology and its rapid scaling up.


While CORAF has a track record of facilitating the generation and adoption of innovative technologies, uptake has not occurred at a scale large enough to trigger the desired transformation of the agriculture economy of the West and Central Africa. This aspect of PAIRED’s work which is aligned to the activities listed in the 2018-2022 operational plan of CORAF will catalyze the development and adaptation of an impressive basket of technologies and innovations in partnership with other innovative programs of CORAF such as the West Africa Agriculture Transformation Program.


Using the best practices possible, CORAF will seek a geographical spreading of innovative practices as well as a vertical scaling up where we influence policies and support governments to pursue appropriate policies in support of the adoption of appropriate technologies.


CORAF will continue scaling landscape, successfully piloting innovative approaches to horizontal scaling through community-immersed innovation platforms, facilitating the harmonization of policies to instill vertical scaling within and across countries, and creating a multi-country and multi-stakeholder exchange and learning fora to distill communities of practices for functional scaling.

Our Strategic Framework


CORAF operates a platform to facilitate the flow of seed-related information. provides marketing opportunities and business intelligence to businesses working in the seed sector. It also maps stakeholders with the overarching intention to ensure quality and certified seeds are available.