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Individual researchers and countries cannot achieve the groundbreaking research needed to unlock the agriculture potential of West and Central Africa.


By promoting a convergence approach and working through national agricultural research system, CORAF achieves what no individual system can achieve.


Take for example, through the model of national centers of excellence established under its flagship program, the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP), the comparative advantages of specific national agricultural research systems have been leveraged for the good of the people and communities of in 23 countries representing over 414 million people.

By getting specific research centers to lead research in particular commodities, these centers attract the best experts, additional resources and build capacity for the future.


In doing so, the West and Central Africa regions have experienced not only an increased generation of technologies but also increased dissemination of agricultural technologies and innovations.


This model is embedded in the long-term strategy of CORAF to quickly upscale the innovations and technologies to tackle the pressing food and nutrition needs of West and Central Africa.


In the past three decades, CORAF has worked with over 54 agricultural research for development projects in West and Central Africa. CORAF’s actions ensured coherence and synergies among funding agencies.

Overall, CORAF is unique in the sense that it does the following:

  • Provides sub-regional innovative solutions to the challenges of agricultural research for development in West and Central Africa;
  • Facilitates regional cooperation and economic integration in West and Central Africa;
  • Operates as convening agency to bring together national, regional and global stakeholders to dialogue and collaborate in the transformation of the agro-food systems in West and Central Africa;
  • Establishes and supports mechanisms to reinforce and improve research collaboration in West and Central Africa;
  • Scales innovations for food and nutrition security in West and Central Africa, and
  • Serving as a regional hub for agricultural research, knowledge management and innovation system thinking in West and Central Africa.

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