Sustainable Integrated pond based aquaculture with rice and poultry production

2015-09-04_140051 Knowledge base on wetlands developed

  • – Information useful for planning and development of integrated fish farming systems are now available
  • – Baseline data on the socioeconomic status of the wetland farmers produced.


Functional innovation platforms established

  • – Awareness creation through Community sensitization workshops
  • – Twelve Aquaculture Innovation platforms have been established.
  • – Over 120 women are members of innovation Platform
  • – Issues for intervention includes fish product marketing and market information, high cost of feed, broodstocks development programme, production of good quality seed, aquaculture financing and development of aquaculture policy towards adoption of BMPs in aquaculture.

Appropriate technologies for integration developed2015-09-04_155855

  • Design of cost effective and environmentally friendly integrated fish farming structure.
  • Production of reference materials on integration fish-poultry and rice: result based CD-ROMs and training manuals.

  • Establishment of farmer demonstration plots in adopted villages and schools.
  • Eighteen demonstration plots established
  • Training of farmers in each of the demonstration plots
  • 1,494 farmers trained, out of which 539 farmers were women and youths

2015-09-04_162239Institutional strengthening and integrated capacity building of all stakeholders

Awareness about the project increased through collaboration with print and electronic media

S/No Topic/Activities Press release Date and Medium of publication
1 Inception workshop Nigeria, Cameroon and Sierra Leone in fishing projects October 11, 2011. Press review in Sierra Leone Express
2. Establishment of Innovation Platform WECARD, UI: Pioneering integrated fish, poultry and rice farming September 24, 2013. Nigerian Tribune.,-ui-pioneering-integrated-fish,-poultry-and-rice-farming.html
3. Stakeholder Workshop World Bank project to boost fish production March 18, 2013. The Farmers Voice.
4. Stakeholder workshop Integrating Aquaculture, Poultry and Rice Farming Could Help Nigerian Farmers : September 25, 2013. The fish site
5. Stakeholder workshop Njala University on Aquaculture development December 26, 2012. Sierra Express Media
6. Annual Review Workshop Integrated farming: ‘How Nigeria, Cameroon, S/Leone will benefit’ April 29, 2014. Nigerian Tribune.
7. Farmers Training workshop WECARD exposes 50 farmers to integrated farming September 30, 2014. Nigerian Tribune.
8. Partnership with WAAPP Nigeria WAAPP partners UI on food production October 31, 2014. The Nation and New Telegraph newspapers
  • Capacity of the undergraduate and postgraduate students enhanced through the use of the adaptive research facilities for research and training.
  • Over 3500 hundred students have been trained through this process, out of which 1400 are females.
  • Over 15 universities and 4 colleges of agriculture benefited.
  • Fifteen postgraduate students trained. Six of which are females.
  • Capacity of the Department in Charge of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management in the collaborating Universities in these countries is further enhanced.