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In 2008, CORAF through the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP) created innovation platforms as part of a larger program to improve food systems in West Africa. These forums serve as spaces for the informal exchange, learning, sharing, and adoption of agricultural technologies, innovations and best practices among the major food chain players in a given community.

What’s the Value


Innovation Platforms (IPs) have mobilized actors of specific value chains in ways that were not feasible before. Each actor performs different but complementary roles in the development, dissemination, and adoption of technologies. Hundreds of IPs have been set up and are now supporting information sharing and adoption of technologies released by the NCoS.


This approach is at the heart of the technology diffusion and adoption model of CORAF.

When I look at the national centers of specialization which are complemented by the innovation platforms, I see a bright future for CORAF from the perspective of the fight against poverty, ensuring food and nutrition security,


Dr Adama Traore

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