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Total Investment in USD $: 128 058,126
*projects funded since 2008 without investments in infrastructure

In Guinea, agriculture is central to the livelihood for the majority of the population. The Agricultural Research Institute of Guinea (IRAG) is Guinea’s principal institute charged with agricultural R&D. The institute was established in 1989 and falls under the administrative coordination of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. It has the mandate to research on crops, livestock, forestry and socioeconomic issues.


The Agricultural Research Institute of Guinea (IRAG) is a public scientific establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


It has legal personality, financial and management autonomy. It was created on April 13, 1989, and assigned the mission to contribute to the development of agriculture by researching on:

  • Plant, animal, forest products and fisheries and agro-food or agro-industrial processing;
  • The preservation and enhancement of natural resources involved in these productions;
  • Assisting in the development of national policy in the areas of rural development;
  • Disseminating scientific and technical information to relevant stakeholders.

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First Name: Dr. Famoï
Institution: IRAG
Title: Directeur Général
Phone: +224 30 43 55 80
PB/City: B.P. 1523 – Conakry
Fax: +224 60 41 57 58

Institute of Agronomic Research of Guinea