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Foresight and Anticipation

In view of the growing importance of foresight and anticipation, CORAF develops and manages an effective knowledge management system to inform decision-making in the agricultural economy of WCA.

Knowledge Management will provide access to valuable information and resources that create incentives for people to change their perceptions and behaviors to effectively use information, resources, and technologies to significantly increase agricultural production and productivity and improve competitiveness in the agri-food research system.

It is now widely recognized that the poor performance of African agriculture results from inappropriate policies, and weak evidence-based priority setting of the research agenda. Short, medium and long-term challenges arise from changes in population trends, urbanization, consumption patterns, proper management of natural resources and climate change. These challenges require better foresight and anticipation of future opportunities and problems as well as the introduction of a broad range of alternative development pathways.

To better target agricultural research, innovation and policies, it is important to understand the patterns of emerging trends in agriculture and rural development. Key questions requiring answers include (i) what type of science, technologies and innovations, extension and advisory services are appropriate for the transformation of agricultural systems in WCA? (ii) what mix of human skills and competencies are required to address challenges in a constantly evolving global economy adequately?


Foresight is increasingly recognized as a useful instrument in informed decision-making in agricultural science, technology and innovation (ST&I) and in policies and strategies. With the support of an effective knowledge management system, foresight can generate consensus on research priorities and support evidence-based policy and decision making for increased investments in science, technology, and innovation.


This CORAF Strategic Plan (2018-2027) incorporates Foresight and visioning to determine alternative futures for agriculture in the economies of West and Central Africa countries.