Leading Agricultural Innovation in West and Central Africa

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The total population of West and Central Africa stands at 414 million. It is expected to double by 2035 creating high demands for basic foods.

Current and future global agriculture will be based on new and sophisticated consumers, rural-urban migration, population growth, changing dietary patterns and consumer preferences, food safety issues, and improvements in family farming and organic farming. Without research, West and Central Africa will face challenges producing the food it needs to ensure the security of the growing population.

CORAF Solutions to Increase Food Production

Under the WAAPP program implemented by CORAF major crops yields increased between 30% for dry cereals and 150% for rice, fruit, and tubers. WAAPP has had a considerable impact on food security and caloric intake. Caloric consumption rose from 2,777 to 2,964 kcals and the “hunger period” reduced by 28 to 55% according to the commodity. WAAPP has also increased by 34% the economic situation of farmers as well as transformed communities. Visit WAAPP for details >

Technologies to Transform and Add Value

Over 400 technologies have been generated by CORAF in the past decade. They all target the increase production of food and transformation. Visit MITA for details >

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