New Program Seeks Lasting Changes to Agriculture System of West and Central Africa

Even with overwhelming evidence showing the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP) has ‘substantial’ impact on economies of West African countries, efforts are currently underway to sharpen the focus of an even more ambitious and transformative iteration. Known as the West Africa Agriculture Transformation Program (WAATP), this new intervention aims to considerably scale up the […]


Viewing R&D from a Security Lens

Research and development (R&D) might be primarily about generating innovative ideas to unlock the agriculture sector. But for a region battling severe effects of climate change and terrorism, R&D takes an additional value. In the sense that it can create new solutions to stem the massive youth migration out of Africa through gainful employment in the agro-food sector. It can also […]

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Benin Relies on WAAPP to Increase Agri Production

Benin depends largely on agriculture to stimulate its economy. One of the programs it hopes will help achieve this ambition is the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP). In 2017, Benin got an additional USD 13 million loan to further develop the agriculture sector from the World Bank under the WAAPP implemented by CORAF, Actors of the program met recently in Cotonou to […]

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WAAPP Credited for Togo’s Agriculture Growth

Togolese Agriculture Minister has attributed the country’s growth in agriculture production to the West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP) implemented by CORAF. Togo experienced an 11 percent growth in cereal production during the past five years. Togolese officials credit this increase to the implementation of the WAAPP and the National Agriculture Investment and Food Security […]


WAAPP Made Substantial Contribution to West Africa Research, report

The West Africa Agriculture Productivity Program (WAAPP) contributed substantially in addressing West Africa’s most acute agricultural research challenges, a new report from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has concluded. “The program has invested extensively in the construction and rehabilitation of research infrastructure and the provision of laboratory equipment for predefined priority commodities. As […]

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Farmers are Adopting New Maize Varieties, Preliminary Results of a New Study Show

New maize varieties have been found to be high-yielding, adaptable, and resistant to different pests and diseases, and could potentially increase the revenue of those involved in the sector. According to preliminary results of a new impact evaluation to measure the adoption of improved maize varieties in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, there […]