From Office Assistant to Fish Farming

Not many young Africans abandon their lucrative city desk jobs for farming. Negative perceptions of farming, lack of information, skills, credit, and land are some of the reasons why very few city dwellers do not want to return to the vastly uninhabited rural areas of most Sub-Sahara African countries to practice agriculture, experts argue. In […]


Cashew Creations for Women’s Employment in Senegal

The West African Women’s Association (AFAO/WAWA) started an initiative to boost cashew processing in Senegal. Rather than selling raw cashews to traders, they decided to expand post-harvest opportunities close to home by training and equipping hundreds of women to process and market cashew apples and nuts. Food Tank spoke to AFAO/WAWA Regional President Khady Fall Tall about this initiative. AFAO/WAWA seeks “to promote the economic […]


Chad & CORAF Agree to Promote Climate-Smart Technologies

An agreement signed today, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, between the Government of Chad and CORAF, is expected to speed up the uptake of improved technologies and particularly climate-smart innovations. Chad is currently experiencing erratic climatic conditions and land degradation. The agreement signed between both parties will facilitate the deployment of climate-sensitive technologies in priority commodities […]


The ‘New Scientists’ Re-energizing Livestock Research in Niger

About a decade ago, the department of animal production of Niger’s National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAN) had just one PhD-qualified agricultural researcher. INRAN is Niger’s principal agricultural research agency “Today, there are eight PhD-qualified agricultural researchers in the Department of Animal Production in INRAN thanks mostly to the capacity building initiatives of the West […]