4th edition of the Agriculture Science Week and 11th General Assembly: a second technical mission of the Executive Secretariat of CORAF/WECARD to Niamey

After a first technical mission to Niger from 15 to 17 January 2014, a delegation of the Executive Secretariat of CORAF / WECARD conducted a second working visit to Niamey from 28 to 30 April 2014. This mission initiated by the CORAF/WECARD fits in preparation for the 4th Agriculture Science week in West and Central Africa and the 11th General Assembly (GA) of CORAF/WECARD to be held in Niger of 16 to 20 June 2014 .

The mission of the SE led by its Executive Director, Dr. Harold Roy – Macauley has ensured that issues of preparations for the 4th Agricultural Science Week and the 11th General Assembly of CORAF/WECARD were understood by the authorities of Niger and the activities are being implemented at national level.

In terms of advocacy, the delegation of CORAF/WECARD was received in audience by His Excellency, the Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture, Mr Abdou Labo who said that the Nigerian authorities will contribute to successful organization of such events in June 2014. Significant results were obtained at the end of the audience including the signing of the Ministerial Decree appointing the organization and an important media activity for Local Committee to better sensitize actors in Niger of the Agricultural Science Week and the AG.

In addition, the Niger authorities were informed that the work of the 4th Agricultural Science Week of West and Central Africa and 11th General Assembly of CORAF / WECARD will take place over five days with a central theme available in subtopics strongly related to 3N initiative “Nigeriens nourish Nigeriens,” and reflects a strong policy of Niger.

It should be recalled that for the proper organization of these events, the Office of the Organization of Major Events (COGE) is associated with INRAN closely with CORAF/WECARD. Following this work, the authorities in charge of agriculture have been informed about the expectations and the impact of the science week and the General Assembly. A televised debate was organized for this purpose.


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