CROP-SMALL RUMINANT PROJECT :Innovation platforms installed in Ghana

The project Sustainable Intensification of Integrated Crop-Small Ruminant Production Systems in West Africa ( SIIC-SR) has initiated series of field activities related to innovation platforms.

Field activities have been organized in Atebubu-Amantin Districts and 35 persons were involved. The main realization is the installation of innovation platforms. The entry point for participatory research is production of plant biomass for animals, plus its flow-on effects for other actors in the integrated plant and animal production system. The experiment was established with the objective to introduce, evaluate and promote improved dual-purpose cowpea in integrated small-ruminant production systems in Ghana. Four (4) improved lines Padi-Tuya and Songitra (from CSIR-SARI) and Asetenapa and Soronko (CSIR-CRI) and a farmer’s variety were involved in the study.

The objectives of the activities are

  • Introduce improved dual-purpose cowpea varieties to cowpea value-chain actors in the amantin/atebubu district in the Brong-Ahafo region.
  • To highlight and encourage an appreciation of the relevance and relatedness of actors in the cowpea value-chain.

The project’s approach is based on the IAR4D philosophy of catalysing innovation platforms to promote technologies and innovations, strengthen the capacities of the actors including farmers and traders of farm products, improve marketing of products, and ensure distribution of value addition amongst actors. Generally actors appreciated better biomass and grain qualities and yield of the improved varieties. Majority preferred Songotra, followed by Padi-tuya and asetenapa in order. The quest for seed availability for the next season was also addressed. The field day was covered by personnel from TV3, Graphic and Times media houses. The TV3 new item on the field day was aired on a later date in December, while Graphic and Times featured theirs on 1st January 2013 and 22nd December 2012 respectively.