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CORAF Theory of Change

CORAF paradigm shift in interventions in agricultural research and development leading to scaling and impact is the Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) concept. This is a shift from the conventional linear system of research-extension-farmer technology transfer system towards Agricultural Innovation System thinking.

The CORAF Theory of Change has been institutionalized through the establishment of multi-stakeholder Innovation Platforms resulting in the co-generation, dissemination and effective adoption of technologies and innovations in agri-food systems in WCA. This Theory of Change (ToC), shows the chain of inter-connections between the actions undertaken (processes) and the anticipated effects leading to impact.

The ToC has three interactive change pathways, namely; (i) CORAF core functions change pathway; (ii) IAR4D change pathway through NARS and (iii) Scaling results for impact and learning pathway.

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