Bolstering Research to Accelerate Agric and Food System Transformation in Mauritania

From July 5 to 7, 2022 in Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, CORAF is holding the 32nd Ordinary Session of its Board of Directors (BoD32).

On the sidelines of this important meeting which is part of the organization’s governance system, the host country, Mauritania, is organizing today, July 5, a day of reflection on agricultural research in the country.

Held under the theme “Research, innovation and technology transfer for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in West and Central Africa: Case of Mauritania,” the day of reflection will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the many challenges that ankylose West and Central Africa agricultural and food systems, with a focus on Mauritania.

“Climate change, biodiversity loss, migration, conflict, economic instability and the COVID-19 pandemic, present complex challenges for agricultural and food systems in West and Central Africa,” declared during the official opening ceremony of the day of reflection, Mr. Mohamed Ould Nemine, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

“In order to meet these challenges, scientific research, technology and innovation must be consolidated to accelerate the process of transformation of agricultural and food systems, so that they become more efficient, inclusive, sustainable and resilient,” said Mr. Ould Nemine.

The initiative is to be credited to CORAF and the National Center for Agronomic Research and Agricultural Development of Mauritania (CNRADA), which jointly organized the event, given the emergency of the situation.

“The challenge of transforming and promoting sustainable food systems is urgent. This is why the initiative of the day and the choice of the theme are relevant because this allows to push the reflection and to refine the strategy for the development of agricultural research and development in West and Central Africa,” argued the Chairperson of the CORAF Board of Director, Dr. Maria Angela P. Bareto Da Veiga Moreno.

The aim is to formulate innovative strategies and solutions, capable of contributing to the increase of agricultural production and productivity, as well as to the increase of incomes and livelihood of the populations of the region, especially the most vulnerable ones, in an environment disrupted by the many existing and emerging challenges.

In addition to the members of CORAF Board of Directors, several stakeholders from Mauritania’s agricultural sector, including the private sector, are participating in the talks.

It is expected that a “Nouakchott Appeal” will be published at the end of the day of reflection, to echo the recommendations that will have been made, at the policymakers’ level.

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