Recruitment of a Project Assistant for data collection of Agricultural Science and Technology indicators in West and Central Africa



Recruitment of a Project Assistant for data collection of Agricultural Science and Technology indicators in West and Central Africa


    Opening of the call: October 20, 2021

Closing of the call: November 3, 2021


CEI No. 34-2021


CORAF is an international non-profit association of national agricultural research systems (NARS) of 23 countries, covering over forty percent of the Africa’s population, thus making it the largest sub-regional research organization (SRO) on the African continent. Providing relevant, high-quality data and analyses on AR4D for member countries has always been a priority for CORAF as planned in the Operational Plan 2018-2022 on “Enhanced institutional and human capacity in agricultural research for development”.

In order to measure, monitor, and benchmark the inputs, outputs, and performance of agricultural research at the national and regional level, quantitative data are essential. Science and technology (S&T) indicators and subsequent analysis are indispensable when it comes to assessing the contribution of agricultural research to agricultural and economic growth. Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) data for 2000–2016 indicate that West and Central African countries have become increasingly focused on investing in agriculture for economic growth. Many countries have developed solid agricultural development and financing plans to strengthen agricultural production and food security as part of the CAADP implementation framework. Despite this increased political support to agricultural research, West and Central Africa is still lagging behind other regions of Africa in the area of agricultural research capacity and investment. Underinvestment in agricultural research is considerably greater than in other parts of Africa. The subregion is more dependent on volatile donor funding and employs both a much older pool of scientists (many of whom are approaching retirement age) and fewer female agricultural scientists.

The most recent year for which ASTI data are available for West and Central Africa is 2016. The lack of up-to-date and internationally comparable information on the size and scope of agricultural research capacity and investments in these countries, as well as underlying S&T policies are a major constraint to priority setting, strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation.

USAID has recently stepped in to fill this void by making resources available to update ASTI indicators for West and Central Africa. The work will be implemented jointly by CORAF and IFPRI between September 2020 and September 2021. In this context, CORAF is currently looking for a consultant in charge of ASTI survey coordination and data compilation and synthesis.

The Executive Director of CORAF hereby invites the candidates with the required qualifications as specified in the Terms of Reference to express their interest in applying for this call.

Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating that they possess the qualifications to perform such services (references for the performance of similar contracts, CVs, experience in a similar field, experience under similar conditions, etc.)

Qualified consultants will be selected according to the rules contained in the CORAF Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedure Manual.

Interested consultants may obtain further information from the CORAF Executive Secretariat by sending an email to:

Expressions of interest must be submitted by email to the following address: no later than November 3, 2021 at 10:00 GMT..


Executive Director of CORAF