Recruitment of individual consultants specializing in “Information and Communication Technology (ICT)” for the upgrade of the electronic data platform of the national catalogues and the West Africa Regional Catalogue of Plant Species and Varieties



Recruitment of individual consultants specializing in “Information and Communication Technology (ICT)” for the upgrade of the electronic data platform of the national catalogues and the West Africa Regional Catalogue of Plant Species and Varieties


Opening Date: 7 April 2021
Closing Date: 27 April 2021


CEI No. 05-2021


CORAF has received funding from USAID/West Africa to implement the “Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development” (PAIRED) program. A portion of the program resources is earmarked to support the Regional Seed and Seedling Committee in West Africa and in the Sahel for the implementation of harmonized regional seed regulations on seeds and seedlings quality control, certification and marketing in West Africa (C/REG.4/05/2008 of ECOWAS and Regulation No. 03/2009/CM/UEMOA).

This CORAF support is consistent with the provisions of Article 4 of the Cooperation Agreement for seeds, between ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS, signed in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on June 4, 2018 and which entrusts CORAF with implementing the harmonized regional seed regulation, for five (5) year period, renewable, depending on the results achieved.

Under this mission, CORAF works closely with its regional partners, notably CILSS, through the Sahel Institute (INSAH), which administers the regional electronic data management platform for the development of the Regional Catalog of Plant Species and Varieties of West Africa and the Sahel (CREVAOS). This platform should allow for the online registration, on a permanent basis, of plant varieties released by the Member States of the three regional organizations.

During the edition of the previous catalogs, the national experts identified several weaknesses in the platform, such as the difficult registration of some required data, the absence of some important traits, both for the examination of distinctness, uniformity, and stability (DUS) and for the testing of the Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU), required by the Regional Seed Regulations for the registration of plant species and varieties in the national catalog. The experts therefore expressed the wish that a thorough review of the platform could be carried out to address such weaknesses and make it more operational and user-friendly, while remaining in compliance with the regional regulations on the registration of plant varieties.

It is against this background that this Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) is issued to set up a team of top-level consultants who will work, in a concerted manner, to revisit and complete, on the one hand, all DUS examination Guidelines for the 11 crops (rice, maize, sorghum, millet, groundnut, cowpea, cassava, yam, potato, tomato, onion) which are currently integrated in the platform and, on the other hand, to develop the Guidelines for the 8 additional crops (wheat, sesame, soybean, sweet potato, African eggplant, chili, okra) of economic importance and contributing to  food and nutrition security in the region. They shall also review the multilocal testing protocols for these priority crops, ensuring that the traits required in the VCU tests are actually considered, and develop VCU testing protocols for additional crops. The protocols developed shall be designed in a way that facilitates their translation into computer language and their registration into the electronic platform.

It is within this framework that CORAF wants to recruit individual consultants to carry out this mission.

The tasks to be performed as well as other information relating to the consulting assignment are detailed in the attached terms of reference.

The Executive Director of CORAF invites individual consultants meeting the qualification criteria, as indicated in the terms of reference, to express their interest in this recruitment.

Interested consultants can obtain additional information or clarification by sending correspondence to: Dr Yacouba DIALLO at:  or  Dr DAYO Guiguigbaza-Kossigan at:

Interested consultants wishing to participate in this call must submit an expression of interest which highlights the performance and experience of similar contracts as well as their circumstantial CVs highlighting the relevance of the profiles vis-à-vis the above-mentioned criteria. The application must specify the position (s) for which the expert is applying.

Recruitment will be done according to the selection method based on the qualification of the consultant according to the rules contained in the manual of administrative, financial and accounting procedures of CORAF.

Applications should be submitted by email to the following address:  on April 27, 2021 before 4 p.m. at the latest.


Executive Director CORAF