Recruitment of an individual consultant to Conduct a Review and Alignment of CORAF’s Governance Tools



Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development (PAIRED) in West and Central Africa


Recruitment of an individual consultant to

Conduct a Review and Alignment of CORAF’s Governance Tools


Opening Date: August 12, 2020

Closing Date: August 21, 2020


CEI No. 08-2020 – RELAUNCH

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CORAF is an international non-profit association of national agricultural research systems (NARS) of 23 countries, covering over forty percent of Africa’s population, thus making it the largest sub-regional research organization on the African continent. It was created in 1987 and assigned the responsibility to coordinate and facilitate ground-breaking and cutting-edge research outputs needed to unlock the agricultural potential of West and Central Africa. The vision and mission of CORAF are to achieve sustainable reduction of poverty and food insecurity through improved competitiveness, productivity, and agricultural markets in West and Central Africa.

In 2016, CORAF underwent an institutional audit which examined key aspects of its operations including but not limited to redefining the organizational structure of the Executive Secretariat, an assessment of its Human Resources Management System, an analysis of the functionality of its Governance and Management bodies, a fiduciary analysis, a technical diagnosis of its program components and a review of the ICT system. Enhancing CORAF’s governance was one of the key areas that needed improvement following the recommendations of the audit.

Governed by the Governing Board in the capacity an oversight and advisory body, the regular operation of the Secretariat is led by the Executive Director under whose administration and supervision, directives are carried out by the dedicated staff. CORAF’s Executive Secretariat daily operations are guided by its existing policy documents and governance tools such as the Statutes, Governance Manual and Bylaws. The review and update of governance tools and organizational policy documents at some intervals are an integral part of the organization’s quality system management. It provides individuals with guidance for continuous maintenance of transparency, accountability, quality, and integrity of the services that the organization delivers.

Furthermore, an accurate and appropriate policy align with CORAF’s mandate promotes and ensures a quality of the organization’s governance through consistent implementation of a process or a procedure within the organization. The review and amendment of the existing governance tools will further guide the systemic operation of CORAF’s day to day functions. Such guiding documents will help to clarify the line between the Board’s responsibilities viz-a-viz the managements’ operational responsibilities and enhance governance across the organization. It is against this backdrop that CORAF is inviting qualified individual consultants to review and update the governance tools of CORAF.

Consultants interested in this call must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform such services (Detail CVs, references concerning the performance of similar contracts, experience under similar conditions, etc.).

Qualified consultants will be selected according to the rules contained in the CORAF Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedures Manual.

Interested consultants can obtain additional information from the CORAF Executive Secretariat by sending correspondence by e-mail to

Proposals must be submitted by e-mail to the following address: no later than August 21, 2020 at 4.30 p.m. GMT at the latest.


Executive Director