Message from the Executive Director of CORAF on the occasion of World Labor Day 2020

Dear colleagues,

Labor Day is a special occasion meant to recognize the hard work of employees Worldwide. For us at CORAF, it is an opportunity to show our sincere appreciation for your individual and collective contributions to the growth of our institutions.

I wish you all a very happy Labor Day. May God bless you with health, particularly during this challenging and uncertain moment brought about by COVID-19.

We cannot at the moment project with certainty the extent to which COVID-19 would affect the implementation of our 2020 work plan. While we continue to monitor the trends, I count on your continued dedication to the cause of CORAF. Regardless of what happens, what matters most now is that we stay in good health.

Once again, best wishes on this special day.

Dr. Abdou Tenkouano

Executive Director, CORAF