Management of the coronavirus or covid-19: Confined African population and food requirements

The negation of the formula that “man is the measure of all things” must be retained, because he is still struggling to transform uncertainty into risk. However, uncertainty is experienced and risk is managed: the latter being the probability of an unfavourable event occurring.

From our lookout and with our observation glasses, we can see that:

  • Climate change, with its priceless procession of unfortunate consequences, questions our existence. They are even the source of a certain fatalism, despite scientific progress;
  • The food crises have not yet disappeared from our radar, despite the capital of knowledge and technology, generated daily by people;
  • The construction of productive, sustainable and equitable food systems is becoming more complex because of the erosion of biodiversity and the disappearance of ecosystems, due to environmentally destructive agricultural practices and human irresponsibility.

This digression refers to an indomitable obviousness: the world is rich in choreographies that are difficult to grasp.

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Source: Académie d’Agriculture de France