Recruitment of Consultant(s) to Finalize Development and Operationalize the Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations for West Africa Map (FeSeRWAM)

Call for Expression of Interest


Recruitment of Consultant(s) to Finalize Development and Operationalize the Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations for West Africa Map (FeSeRWAM)


Opening Date: September 17, 2019

Closing Date: October 1, 2019


CEI No. 19-2019



The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research (CORAF) and the International Fertilizers Development Centre (IFDC) are implementing two five-year, regional USAID-funded, Feed the Future projects, PAIRED “Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development” and EnGRAIS “Enhancing Growth through Regional Agricultural Inputs Systems”. Through these two projects, CORAF and IFDC will finalize and disseminate agro-input packages, including improved seed, appropriate fertilizer recommendations and good agricultural practices (GAPs) suitable for the main crops across different agro-ecological zones (AEZs) in West Africa to contribute to sustainably increasing agricultural productivity. The input packages are being developed together with the private sector, who will following their development promote, market and disseminate them to users, including producers and agro-business actors (men and women). Specifications for the agro-input packages will also be disseminated through the on-line Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations for West Africa Map (FeSeRWAM). The FeSeRWAM prototype was developed and validated by CORAF, IFDC and their partners as well as some representatives of future/potential users. The current call aims to recruit a team of consultants to Finalize Development and Operationalize the full FeSeRWAM platform and host it online based on current FeSeRWAM validated prototype.

CORAF and IFDC now invite individuals or firms from ECOWAS countries to compete for the opportunity to perform the work mentioned above. The two institutions will co-finance related costs through their respective projects. Interested consultants may obtain further information from the respective websites: and Individuals or firms will be recruited on a competitive basis according to USAID procedures and according to international standards.


Required expertise and duration of the consultancy

This work will be conducted by a team of experts (at least an IT and platform development expert and GIS and web applications development expert). The consultants will designate which one of the incumbents will lead the team. The time allocated for this project is 30 working days to develop the full platform and its functionality. The work will be undertaken between October and December 2019.


General Selection Criteria

Experience in developing GIS web applications;
Proven experience in development and management of relational databases (DBMS);
Proven experience in development and management of online platforms;
Advanced experience in using ESRI or open source mapping tools;


Experience in R, Python, and web technologies;
Experience in graphic user interface design;
Excellent knowledge of ICT and the relationship of agricultural extension and online platforms; and
Similar projects developed in the past 3 years (hyperlinks must be provided).
  1. Consultant applications will be evaluated per team based on the criteria mentioned above.
  2. Consultants interested in this solicitation must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) highlighting the execution and experience of similar contracts and details of their CV.
  3. EoI’s must be submitted by e-mail to the following addresses: and and visit the link below for more details not later than the 1st  of October 2019 at 12:00 GMT.

  1. CORAF and IFDC reserve the right to accept or reject any or all the EoI’s or to cancel this process at any stage without explanation and without incurring any liability. For more information, see the attached terms of reference of the mission.
  2. The team selected will agree and engage to demonstrate the platform at key events and accept additional inputs before producing the final product.



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