Final Report of 2019 African Green Revolution Forum Published

“Deliberations at the Forum made it clear that the coordinated efforts of public and private sector actors can unlock the potential of everything from big data to block chain systems, drones, robotics, and machine learning platforms to overcome many different challenges and generate a host of new opportunities, particularly for Africa’s young, digitally-savvy entrepreneurs,” according to the report of the 2019 AGRF.

The AGRF is the largest annual gathering of agriculture players. In 2019, according to the final report, it brought together over 2400 actors from 89 countries.

As Africa’s largest sub-regional research organization, CORAF was present.

CORAF currently deploys several tools to advance the access of quality inputs (seeds and fertilizers) to farmers. CORAF also has a technology repository known as MITA and WASIX, designed to encourage the demand and supply of seeds.

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