Recruitment of two individual consultants UX-UI DESIGNER & WEB/MOBILE DEVELOPER EXPERT

Call for Expression of Interest


Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development (PAIRED)


Recruitment of two individual consultants



Call Opening: June 13, 2019

Call Closing: June 24, 2019


CEI N° 14-2019

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In June 2017, a new cooperation agreement, aimed at facilitating the implementation of a five-year program named Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development (PAIRED) in West (and Central) Africa, was signed between USAID and CORAF. The PAIRED is being implemented through three (03) interdependent components: (i) Strengthening CORAF’s institutional capacity for effective coordination of agricultural research and development, (ii) Establishing an innovative framework for scaling up agricultural technologies and innovations and agri-inputs in West Africa, and (iii) Increasing the use of quality agri-inputs in West Africa. In order to achieve this objective, CORAF strives to revolutionize seed supply chains by connecting farmers to large, high-value quality seed markets, and to greatly increase the number of farmers connected to high-value markets by boosting the effectiveness of the supply mechanism based on efficient communication services.

Under the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP) funded by the World Bank,  CORAF developed and deployed an electronic platform of information on the agricultural technologies and innovations that exist in the West African subregion and that are accessible from This platform called the Market for of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations (MITA) is an electronic platform on improved agricultural technologies and on transactions on these technologies (sale and purchase).

It is based on the assumption that spaces of direct interaction between the research users and promoters involved in technology generation and transfer drive demand for improved technologies.

The objectives pursued by the Market for Agricultural Innovations and Technologies are to introduce improved technologies and to facilitate exchanges (information and sale-purchase transactions) between the developers and users of improved technologies.

MITA is a space of exhibition and introduction of technologies virtually organized to attract the key clients involved in the transfer and adoption of improved technologies. It allows the virtual showcasing of technologies along with the testimony of farmers, breeders or fishermen who participated in the development of the relevant technology or have adopted it

Three years after its launching, CORAF, under the PAIRED project, intends to upgrade the platform to ensure that it continues to meet the demands of users.

The tasks to be performed as well as other information relating to the call are detailed in the attached terms of reference.

The Executive Director of CORAF invites candidates meeting the qualification criteria, as indicated in the terms of reference, to express their interest in this recruitment.

Interested consultants can obtain additional information from the CORAF Executive Secretariat by sending correspondence to the CORAF Agribusiness Expert, by email, at the following address: from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm GMT..

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the following address: by June 24, 2019, no later than 4.30 pm.


The Executive Director