AMI N° 11-2017: For the recruitment of an individual consultant responsible for conducting a «Did you know?»-like series of CORAF/WECARD’s impact cases.


Call for Expression of Interest
For the recruitment of an individual consultant responsible for conducting a «Did you know?»-like

series of CORAF/WECARD’s impact cases.
OPENING DATE: 21, August, 2017
CLOSING DATE: 30, August, 2017
AMI N° 11-2017

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CORAF/WECARD celebrates today its thirty years of existence during which it has effectively coordinated the implementation of more than one hundred programs/projects and around fifty regional initiatives which have contributed, based on the assessments, to promoting agricultural research in West and Central Africa, to strengthening NARS’ institutional and human capacity and to increasing the incomes of subregional producers.
The numerous examples of successes, often evoked and invoked by partners and stakeholders, as well as the impacts that have resulted from them are not systematically documented, hence CORAF/WECARD’s action is not well known to the stakeholders and the unitiated.

It is under this background, and with a view to significantly improving the visibility of these results and impacts that CORAF/WECARD is seeking to recruit an expert that will be responsible for documenting its impacts during the last ten years and developing a “Did you know?”- like series of impact cases.

The Executive Secretariat of the West and Central African Council for Research and Agricultural Development (CORAF/WECARD) intends to recruit a highly qualified Expert responsible for conducting a “Did you know” like series of CORAF/WECARD’s impact cases .

CORAF/WECARD now invites eligible applicants for the position mentioned above. Interested applicants may obtain more information in the ToR attached below. The Individual Consultant will be selected using the rules of CORAF/WECARD Administrative and Financial Manual, Selection consultancy services.

The Consultant will be engaged for 03 months with 45 working days.

1. Qualification and Experience of the consultant:
The qualification and experience are precised in the ToR below
2. The consultants interested in this call must submit an Expression of Interest comprising: (i) references concerning the execution and experience of similar contracts and (ii) their CVs.
3. Expressions of Interest (EoI) must be submitted by e-mail at the following address: not later than the 30th August 2017 at 10:00 GMT.
4. CORAF/WECARD Executive Secretariat reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the EoI or annul the EoI process at any stage without assigning any reason(s) whatsoever and without incurring any liability to the affected applicants(s).

Executive Director of CORAF/WECARD

Download CEI and TORs